Thai Massage

Therapeutic Thai Yoga:
Therapeutic Thai Yoga is a deeply relaxing, rhythmic, clothed massage. It is received on a thick mat on the floor especially made for it.  Often called assisted yoga asana, it is an ancient art that combines stretching and compression in a calm flowing sequence.

Pricing $90 an hour/$120 for an hour and a half

1.5 hour Pilates/Therapeutic Thai yoga Blend  $120.00

 For a beautiful example:  Thai Yoga Massage Demo

Keep in mind that this is just a demo video and that each session is tailored specifically to your individual needs!

More Info:

I received my TN Therapeutic Massage License in Jan of 2002. I have practiced Swedish and deep tissue massage professionaly 13 years.  Thai yoga massage first crossed my path while I was living in Barcelona in 2005. I absolutely fell in love with it and was blessed to be able to enjoy one almost every week while I was there. I learned a lot from receiving. Since that time I've studied or taken workshops from Lotus Palm, Chuck Duff and the Vedic Conservatory.  It is a rich pleasure to integrate this ancient art into my life!

If you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you!