Personal Instruction


For the Beginner:  One on One sessions are a great way to learn the essential movements and terms in Pilates. Move, stretch, get warm, and power up with a flowing series of exercises and stretches.  Wear your comfy clothes and treat yourself right!   In private lessons, you will also get to know the Pilates work and build a solid readiness for group classes.  The sessions are always geared toward your specific goals.  You may be interested in an hour of relaxing, stretching, slowly building strength and receiving gentle assisted stretches, yoga asana or, Thai massage.  Or, you may be wanting a fast-paced, traditional Pilates session. 

Prenatal Pilates:

Keep your pelvis strong, supple and balanced for the duration of your pregnancy.  I have been working with many pregnant mamas in a safe environment where we focus on protecting your increasingly flexible joints, expanding the ribs for optimal breath, keeping your upper back strong to support your growing breasts and the care of a newborn, and keeping your arms and legs ready! 

Postpartum Pilates:

With your doctor's or PT's permission, we will begin to reawaken and gently retrain your deep pelvic stabilizers and begin to draw your center back into your core.  You will be amazed at how quickly you will begin to get your body back! Before you jump into hard workouts, get your core stable first!

For the Advanced Practitioner: Yogis, athletes, and seasoned Pilates enthusiast deepen your practice.  The intermediate and advanced work can take you to your next level and beyond.  I have been teaching and studying Pilates all over the world for 17 years.  After your fabulous workout, finish with assisted asana and a šhavasana.

Thai Yoga Massage Blend Sessions:  Move, breath, strengthen, get your blood pumping and then receive a 30min Thai yoga massage. This is an hour and a half session.


For me, Pilates is a source of personal strength.  I believe in each individual’s capacity to reach into themselves and awaken an empowering awareness of the body.  I feel we can greatly increase the quality of our lives by developing a deeper connection between our bodies and minds.  In each session, we aim to deepen those mind/body connections and enhance your overall sense of strength and flexibility.   



If you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you!