Balance your joints. Focus your mind.  Empower your Breath.
 Strengthen your body.

I am a creative, passionate teacher of therapeutic movement.  I blend Pilates, therapeutic massage, yoga and Thai yoga massage depending on your needs.

Pilates is a great workout!  Plus, you will develop a deeper relationship with your body!  What do I mean by that?   For example: right now, in this moment, become aware of your seat, your bum.  Maybe you can feel the sitz bones of the pelvis and begin to notice where your weight is on your pelvis.  Is it leaning to the right? The left? Forward maybe, backward?  Spending this kind of time getting to know how you hold yourself, throughout the body, wakes up deep areas that you may not have connected with in a long time, if ever!   You'll learn how to move from deep within your joints and strengthen the smaller muscles that surround each major articulation in a balanced way to help stabilize and protect them. During a session, you will strengthen your toes, ankles, lower legs, upper legs, deep within the pelvis and abdomen, all around your torso,  and deep along your spine. You will also work to stabilize your shoulder girdle for better planks and maybe even handstands. We work the wrists the fingers and the neck too. Most important of all, you will strengthen and nourish your Brain.  

Give yourself the gift of getting more connected to your muscles, bones, joints, organs and of course, the breath. Pilates is for everybody, the WHOLE body!